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everything starts and ends in Greece

Ionian Sea

Best Times: April-October

The Ionian sea is on the West side of Greece and is an ideal location for sailing, both for beginners and experienced sailors. The sea is relatively calm and among the most beautiful in Greece all the year round. The main characteristics of the islands in the Ionian Sea are the majestic pine trees on the mountains, spreading down to sea level, creating a beautiful landscape, ideal for relaxed holidays.

The main islands are Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, and Ithaca, There are many other very interesting smaller islands like Paxi Othonoi, Meganisi and Kastos.

For the Ionian Sea we recommend the one week trip starting from the island of Lefkada and traveling to either the northern Ionian Islands or the southern Ionian Islands.

Example of a sailing tour.

Athens (Saronic Gulf)

Best Times: April-October

The starting point for this trip is Athens (Alimos) and the destinations are the Saronic Islands of Spetses, Poros or Hydra.

The Saronic gulf is also very easy to sail under normal weather conditions, making it suitable for beginners.

These islands are famous for their beautiful bays, excellent food and stylish nightlife. For one week travel we recommend visiting  a maximum of 5 islands.

The Saronic gulf is well suited for short trips, i.e. 3 days, because of its short distance from Athens. Example of a sailing tour.

Aegean Sea

Best Times: April-July and mid September-October

The Aegean Islands with the famous islands of Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Santorini are a must see for all lovers of Greece , but unfortunately hard to sail during August, when strong winds (Meltemi) occur.

We recommend visiting some other, maybe not so famous, Aegean islands during August, such as Syros, Sifnos, Milos or Folegandros, where you will find traditional Greece at its best.

For the Aegean Islands we recommend starting from a base in the Aegean sea, for example Mykonos or Paros, thus saving a lot of transfer time, rather than starting from the base in Athens.

As an alternative you could start from the Eastern ports of Porto Rafti, which is very close to Athens international airport, and sail for example to Kea, Kithnos, Serifos, Sifnos or Milos.

Dodecanese Islands

Best Times: April-October

This is the largest territory in Greece, the capital of this group of Islands is Rhodes, and there are many other islands including Kos, Patmos, Kalymnos, and Symi. The Aegean strong warm wind called Meltemi is active in this region, but is not as strong as it is further south and west. Expect to see 3-4 beaufort winds year round which is near perfect if you are looking for relaxing sailing holidays.

Sporades Islands

Best Times: April-October

The Sporades are a group of islands situated in the north Aegean Sea, close to mainland Greece. The three main Islands in this group are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, however, there are many small islands. Crysta clear, deep blue waters and the rich flora, including pine trees, reaching down to the sea give a beautiful turquoise colour to the sea.

The weather in the Sporades islands is excellent for easy sailing, since the Meltemi is not blowing as strong as in the south of the Aegean.


Best Times: April-October

With an infinite number of large and small bays along the peninsula’s coastline and the dramatic mountains that plunge into the sea, the Peloponnese provides an endless panorama of impressive sights for those who sail around its shores.

For a two week trip we recommend a comprehensive tour of the Peloponnese and for a one week trip we recommend choosing either a West Coast or an East coast trip.

The Western part has no Meltemi influence and can be characterized as easy for beginners, unlike the eastern and southern parts which should be avoided by beginners in August


Best Times: April-October

The blue of the sea around Halkidiki has been likened to the blue of the Caribbean Sea. Sailing conditions here are ideal all through the summer because of calm winds.

Halkidiki is also known for it's beautiful beaches with deep turquoise waters, and for the great nightlife, as in Kassandra. 


Further east you'll find Mount Athos, a Holy Greek Orthodox location inhabited by Orthodox Monks, you can sail past it but you can't land, as visiting requires a special visa and is forbidden to women.


Best Times: March-November

One of the sunniest spots in the Mediterranean, the island of Crete has a favorable climate with stronger winds only on its southern side.


This means you can go sailing around this amazing island all year long and enjoy its unspoiled beauty. however, If you are sailing the southern part, you must stay close to safer harbors.

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